Beckley Gun Club

Southern West Virginia\'s Premier Gun Club

The Beckley Gun Club was founded in 1976. Since its inception the club has been an affiliate of the National Rifle Association and dedicated to the safe and responsible ownership and enjoyment of firearms.

The Club’s first range facilities were located in Beckley. In 1979 the club expanded its operations by moving to a site near Eccles. In 1994 the Club again moved, this time to its present site on West Whitby Road near Cool Ridge.

Twice the Beckley Gun Club has been chosen NRA Gun Club of the Year. It is the only club in the country to be so doubly honored.

The current range facilities of the Club offer a variety of shooting opportunities, including:

  • Five hundred yard high power rifle range;
  • Trap and skeet;
  • Pistol range with falling plate machines and covered firing points;
  • Multi-purpose range, with covered firing points, 100 yard rifle and 25 yard pistol targets.

The club also offers monthly classes in firearm safety and handling, as well as instructor, range safety, and civilian marksmanship courses. After over a quarter of a century, the Beckley Gun Club continues to serve its members and its community by upholding the best traditions of responsible firearm ownership.