April 6 2019 

Inaugural Black Bear Pistol Match

Club President James Long announced that on april 6 the first match of the Black Bear Pistol Match Series will be held at the BGC Range, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Long stated that there would be at least four, and possibly five, “outlaw” stages, conducted with 3 Gun Nation rules.   He further advised that the round count would be at least 30 rounds per stage.

2/24/2016 – Planning For the Future

Some of us can remember when the club was much smaller. Even though we had fewer members, it seemed we were able to get the work needed done with volunteers and we had a good time doing it. Times have changed. A lot of us are not as young as we used to be, much as we hate to admit it. Even those of us blessed with youth and good health are often saddled with jobs and family responsibilities that keep us from devoting the time to the club we might want. It seems that only a few are able to actively participate, but those of you who are here tonight are among those few. We thank all of you who do help in all ways.

The road has always been a major concern and expense for the club. A problem at present is drainage. There are several culverts that need to be replaced to restore proper drainage for the road. Some of our members have located the end of these buried and rotted culverts. Replacing culverts in the shallow soil and rocky range environment is very labor intensive. Our road needs to be improved at many places: it needs widened to allow vehicles to pass when they meet, the hill especially needs to be widened and the grade reduced, finally we need gravel and more gravel -every year gravel. Road improvement will be very expensive running into the thousands of dollars.

The next issue is range maintenance. Our volunteers continue to keep the ranges in functional shape however replacing backer boards, cleaning up litter left behind by careless shooters, mowing and doing routine maintenance is a big job. The same volunteers that do maintenance also help run events, they only have limited time and energy, and we need to use their time wisely. Adding new fun activities will require more volunteers or for our current volunteers to have free time to commit. Attempting to maintain is all our committed volunteers have been able to do. Beyond this, our facilities are maturing and are starting to need repairs. Most of the building roofs are reaching near 20 years of age so during the next five years replacement will need to be scheduled. Some of the outhouses are almost depressing to use. A more permanent solution to target frames and more steel targets to shoot seems to be a common cry. Trimming back brush from the road and shooting ranges never stops. Posting the range with new no trespassing signs is a four-day marathon for a couple people. Our volunteers are doing their best but maintenance is often related to preparing for the next range event not specifically related to a members range need. We need to be able to pay for regular range maintenance.

Our club is a 501c4 organization which means it is a not for profit social organization. We are examining changing our organization to a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. This move would allow us to receive donations and the donors receive a tax break. It will also allow members to donate part of their estate to our club and get additional tax breaks. Businesses can also receive a tax break for their donations.

In the past, when our membership numbers were much smaller, we pretty well knew each other. Even if we saw someone at the range we didn’t recognize, an introduction would usually find mutual friends. Now, with nearly 300 members, this is not the case. This raises the question of security. We want to increase our membership and offer a safe family place to shoot. How can we embrace new members and take steps to better assure our safety and that of our property.
Today many members do not have the time to volunteer, some members pay their dues and never plan on volunteering, and others feel that paying their dues entitles them to a well-kept range facility. As we embrace the future we as a club will need determine how we will meet the financial needs of maintaining a large facility like ours.

Planning Group Members
Dave Gruver, Jim Cozort, Joe McDougal, Kevin Burgess, and Bill Miller.

11/22/2015 – USPSA Style Pistol Match

A Fund raiser USPSA style pistol match is scheduled on Sunday, November 22, 2015, starting at 0900 hours. Match entry fee is $30.00, second entry $20.00. The match is to benefit Senior Trooper Jeff Morris, West Virginia State Police. He has been off work for several weeks and it is not clear when he can return to work. The match is open to all who want to compete/participate. Round count is 150. Any questions call James Long at (304) 952-4010.

7/02/2015 – Scores Posted

Updated scores for June 14th 3 gun
Pistol Match June 28th


The 3 gun match (4/25)  that postponed due to weather and road issues has been rescheduled for May 3rd


Hey Everyone,

Tomorrows match has been postponed due weather and road issues. If anyone has any questions call me on the club phone . We are looking at rescheduling it to the following Sunday, May 03. Keep cheeks this page for updates.

James Long


All there will be no First Steps (CCW) class this month due to weather conditions?  Next class is scheduled for May 16 at 10:00.
Thanks Jim Cozort

The match scheduled for this Sunday is still a go. However there is an area on the gun club road that has deep ruts and big pot holes due to the heavy rains. If you plan to compete and you drive a car instead of a four wheel drive please contact us so we can shuttle you in so you don’t get you car stuck.

Also, we have had complaints of raising the match entry fees from $30.00 to $35.00. The fees will remain at $35.00 for this Sunday’s 3 gun match but the issue of reducing the fee back to $30.00 will be discussed at the next club meeting on Thursday, May 14th. If anyone has an opinion regarding the fees please let myself, Bob Front, or Billye Front know at the match.

James Long


Newsletter for April/May posted


We had a very successful first match of the year with 23 shooters and 8 volunteers. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Thank you all for coming and shooting. And a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers. Without you we could not hold the matches. I’d also like to thank Michelle Wood for the use of her MGM Swinging target and MGM Spinning target. They were fun! See the results and some pictures under the Match Info, Action Pistol page. Don’t forget, next match is 3-Gun on April 26th. Hope to see everyone there.


Hey Guys and Gals,

This coming Sunday, April 12th is the Gun Club’s first pistol match of the season, we will start at 0900 hours or for true civilians 9am. It is a USPSA Style match, The Beckley Gun Club has not joined USPSA at this time, however, we have discussed that at several club meetings and we do need a lot of club members to individually join USPSA as well for this to work for us. Any there will be four to five stages approximately 150 minimum round count. So if you want to burn powder come and see us, and yes Jim Sizemore bring your revolvers too.

Update – 03/13/2015

The scheduled matches and clean up for this weekend have been cancelled due to weather.
New dates will be announced

Update – 02/17/2015

BGC – CCW (NRA First Steps Pistol) classes added to Education (See Education Tab)

Rockwell Tactical Classes added to Education (See Education Tab).

Details are available at

We are trying to schedule pistol instructor class, a rifle instructor class and a personal protection in the home instructor class.  We have to have at least four students in order to have any instructor class Please contact Jim Cozort @