Range Rules

Remember to lock the gate to the range when both entering and leaving the range

The only time the gate can be left open is during a club organized event or when contractors are working with heavy equipment.

No drugs or alcohol allowed on the property. In addition, firearm safety requires that if you are impaired in any manner, you must not handle any firearms or ammuni­tion.

Keep your firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.

If you find someone using the range that should not be there, ask them politely to leave. If they do not, simply be nice and report the incident at the club web site or voice mail box at our phone number 255~5334.

When you are finished using the range, please clean up the area and take down and throwaway your old targets before you leave.

Current keys to the gate are KA and P.


Read and obey the following:

  • No steel jacket or steel core ammo (this includes all Russian, Tula, Wolf, etc…)
  • Keep back at least 100 yards from steel targets*
  • Plate racks are for pistol and bird shot ONLY, NO STEEL SHOT
  • No rifle, slugs, or buckshot ammo
  • Shoot ONLY targets on target holders
  • DO NOT shoot or otherwise damage the posts holding the target boards
  • No furniture or fixtures

*Steel targets are being gradually replaced. Many are soft steel and damages from heavy use. They constitute a serious ricochet danger!